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Contract consulting
Assist stipulation of labor contracts, interpret and apply national and local collective contracts.
Negotiation and legal support in stipulating internal business contracts, remuneration
   agreements, internal policies, regulations, etc.
Internal disciplinary code: drafting, communication and internal publicity process, disciplinary procedures.

Legal consulting
Aid in interpreting and applying labor relations contractual agreements and regulations.
Analysis and choice of individual work relationships: internist, hire with state contributions,
   temporary contracts, freelance and sales agent contracts.
Aid in labor disputes and arbitration in all legal and extralegal cases.
Payroll verification, detect contribution discrepancies and unapplied contractual clauses.
Privacy Code: application in company obligations and fulfillments for companies.
The T.U. (Testo Unico: Safety Code) obligations and fulfillments for employers.

Labor union consulting
Supporting and conducting labor union negotiations at the business, local and national levels.
Support contractual and labor union negotiations for companies in crisis,
   modifying employment status, closings and acquisitions.
Cassa Integrazione (1*) procedures (Ordinary, Extraordinary).
Conduct Mobility (2*) procedures, and the welfare and legal fulfillments connected to it.
   (1*) Cassa Integration is a type of unemployment benefit where the employees are not dismissed,
   but just suspended temporarily with a certain percentage of their pay.
   (2*) Mobility is the process of dismissing employees based on criteria, principally seniority and
   the employees’ dependents. Government incentives are given to companies that employ personnel on the list.

Welfare and health care benefit consulting
Company welfare benefit needs analysis and set up.
Establish relationship with INAIL (National Institute for Insurance) for compulsory national insurance.
Manage and support welfare and health care disputes, formalities and legal aid.
Welfare and retirement consulting.

Human resources and payroll process management

Issue pay slips. Note: Most Italian companies pay with direct deposit; therefore,
   paychecks are not issued, just the pay slips.
Manage payroll fulfillments: process accounting forms, prime notes, rates and TFR (leaving indemnity),
   send periodic administrative fulfillments, and annual reports etc.
Mandatory employment: annual reports, aid in drafting and presenting proposals,
   partial exemptions and rate of hiring.
Company budget drafting
Employment file management: hiring, transforming and closings.
Injury and sick leave reports.

Company organization
Preliminary and company start-up analysis
Specific duties in representation offices, branches and secondary facilities of foreign companies in Italy.
Internal operational processes analysis and reorganization.
Management and accounting tool application. For example: Management by Objective (MBO),
   Budgeting, Forecasting, Decision Making, etc.

Tax consulting
Process simplified and ordinary accounting.
Annual declarations and filing (UNICO, IVA, IRAP, 770)
Aid in legal tax questions.
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